The Weight of a Scale


When we look at a picture of a scale, we all have our unique reactions to that image.  Some people have an intense fear of a scale.  This is something they avoid at all costs, something that never seems to give them good news.  Others are attached to the scale, making sure to weigh themselves regularly to ensure they do not move beyond the number they want to see.  However, the scale need not be our enemy.  It simply reflects how much we weigh, on any given day, at any given moment.


Scales can be useful in measuring progress, measuring babies, and measuring fruit and other foods.  But let’s not use a scale as another way to torment ourselves.  There are more accurate ways to determine our overall physical health and fitness level, such as body fat measurements and other assessments commonly done by medical doctors and fitness professionals.  YOUR WEIGHT DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR HEALTH, YOUR FITNESS LEVEL OR YOUR WORTH.


As a therapist, I am aware of the epidemic of body image issues and our society’s obsession with thinness.  This epidemic causes us to hyper focus on weight and size, which leads us farther away from true physical and emotional health.  I certainly do not advocate a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to nutrition, fitness and overall physical health; however, I do believe we need to step off the scale and release the fears associated with it.  This will allow us to get real with ourselves when it comes to being healthy.

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